Peterson Custom Stainless Custom Fabricators of Stainless Steel Equipment in the USA

Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication Experts Serving Applications in the Brewery, Wine, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Food, and Manufacturing Sectors World Wide.

Peterson Custom Stainless Inc. provides world-class custom fabrication solutions for the leading global manufacturers of stainless steel equipment. Peterson Custom Stainless is owned and managed by industry veterans Greg and Chris Peterson. Peterson Custom Stainless takes great pride in providing an expansive range of custom fabrication services including:

  • Orbital Welding
  • Tube and Pipe Fabrication
  • Tank and Sheetmetal Fabrication
  • Production Tig Welding

Peterson Custom Stainless services also include Orbital Welding, Tube and Pipe Fabrication, Tank Fabrication, and Sheetmetal Fabrication. Products Fabricated are Skid Process Systems, Stainless Steel Tanks, Valve Manifolds and Valve Clusters, Pipe Modules, Flow Panels and Transfer Panels for a wide variety of industries including Beverage, Brewery, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Bio-Tech and Green-Tech/Environmental Industries.