Gas Fired External Calandria For Brewing


Add Quality to Brewing Process and Improve Start-up Cost and Brewing Economics

PCS believes our Fluid Heater accomplishes the following

Added Quality

  • Ability to adjust the evaporation rate with precise controlled burner output
  • Gentle heating with low overall heat treatment
  • Efficient evaporation of undesirable flavors
  • Homogenous wort treatment

Improved Economics

  • Reduced Start-up Capital – no pressure Kettles or Boiler needed
  • Eliminates boil overs seen with direct fired Kettles


  • Performs step mashing process
  • Heats both brewing and cleaning water
  • Easy retrofit to existing system
  • No pulsing or fouling of heat exchange tubing – maintains optimum efficiency
  • Improved heating time
  • Recycles spent heat into hot water